Usher injured during Red Sox batting practice recovering

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FORT MYERS, Fla.- A JetBlue Park usher injured by a line drive during Red Sox batting practice on Monday is recovering well.

Although he was rushed to the hospital because of the injury, Buzz Dunham remains a die-hard Sox fan. His love of the game surrounds him inside his North Fort Myers home where team photos hang on the walls and action shots of him still playing today at 80 years young are also on display.

“If I had played my cards right, I would’ve tried to get on the Red Sox.”

A bat and gloves sat on his coffee table Tuesday morning because of the unlucky line drive during practice on Monday. The ball flew into the stands where Dunham was bent down, cleaning.

“I had one more step to go. Somebody hollers ‘watch out!’ And down I went.”

The batter, Hanley Ramirez, signed a pair of gloves for the Massachusetts native while David Ortiz handed Dunham his bat, all before the Red Sox usher of 11 years was placed on a stretcher.

“I was in shock you know,” Dunham said. “I just laid there. I guess I was out for five minutes. He checked me and blood was coming but it was from the hit and the elbow hit the concrete.”

Dunham is able to laugh about the incident now, seeing that his injury is all over the internet, “I don’t know what to say!”

He took a day off the job to rest, but Dunham says he’ll be back on Friday and is hoping for one more apology from one of his favorite players.

“You know, David Ortiz gave it to me, so if I get him to sign it, I’ll be happy.”


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