Your Health Now: Children and weight management

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FORT MYERS, Fla. – Instilling healthy eating habits in children is the foundation for a healthier life.

As we get older, it gets even more challenging to change behaviors – especially maintaining a healthy weight as we tend to become less active.

When children and adolescents are overweight, it’s also important not to jeopardize nutrition during weight loss.

Jennifer Vargo, of Lee Memorial Health System, stopped by the studio to talk about children and adolescents and maintaining healthy weight.

Weight Category Percentile

  • Underweight <5th percentile
  • Normal/Healthy 5th to <85th percentile
  • Overweight 85th to <95th percentile
  • Obese 95th percentile or greater

Healthy Options

  • Increase healthy eating
  • Decrease unhealthy eating
  • Increase activity
  • Decrease sedentary activity

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