Small Naples restaurant feeds homeless woman everyday for 2 years


NAPLES, Fla. – Bill’s Cafe in Naples has been doing the same act of kindness for the last two years; feeding a homeless woman every morning free of charge.

“To be honest, I don’t know a lot about her,” Bill Salley, the owner of the restaurant, said.

Salley says every morning around 6:30 a.m., the woman–who he only knows by ‘Sue’–rides up on her bike and sits in the same spot.

“She parks her bike right there against that wall, sits down, I bring her a pot of coffee,” Salley explains. “I bring her out bacon and eggs, toast, potatoes, pancakes, omelets, whatever. I try to change it up so she doesn’t get too bored.”

Salley says she first stopped by the restaurant two years ago, around the time that he first opened.

“She says, ‘well how much is this?’ and ‘how much is that?’ I said, ‘you homeless?’ She said, ‘yes sir.’ And I said, ‘sit down, relax, don’t worry about it,'” Salley said. “She’s been back everyday since.”

Two weeks ago, a man remodeling the building across the street noticed Sue and Salley’s routine every morning and couldn’t help but ask about it.

“He came over and ordered breakfast himself one morning and he says, ‘well I know this is none of my business, but is she homeless?'” Salley then explained to the man that he does not charge her for the meals.

That man then posted it on Facebook without Salley knowing, and suddenly business was booming for this humble entrepreneur.

“It really isn’t that big a deal, it’s getting blown way out of proportion.”

He says feeding Sue is the least he can do.

“I just feed her a very hardy breakfast everyday. I don’t know what else she does food-wise but I know she gets one good meal a day.”

Salley says many people have been offering to donate to the restaurant, but he urges them to donate to St. Matthew’s House if you would like to help the homeless.

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