Extreme fitness classes: Are they right for you?

Reporter: Lindsey Sablan

FORT MYERS, Fla. If you’re someone who finds a regular run on the treadmill or laps in the pool too easy, you may want to consider extreme fitness classes.

Extreme fitness classes are gaining popularity. There are underground classes and even a girls’ only secret class designed to take you out of your comfort zone.

“This is certainly exciting to athletes who maybe have done a high intensity interval training class but now maybe want to push their body to the next level,” said Dr. Karen Sutton, an orthopaedic surgeon at Yale University School of Medicine.

However. Dr. Sutton warns against pushing too far, as you risk tendon problems, muscle pulls or low back pain.

She advises always looking for a class with a high instructor to student ratio, as well as a class that balances strength and conditioning with flexibility training, such as yoga, along with mindfulness and nutrition guidance.

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