How Chick-fil-A played a role in jet ski rescue of elderly couple during Harvey


HOUSTON (WKMG) An incredible image shows a grandmother being evacuated from her flooded Houston home — on the back of a jet ski.

The photo of Karen Spencer provided some light relief amid the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey. In another image, her husband, J.C., is seen on the back of a second jet ski.

Incredibly, it turns out that Chick-fil-A played a crucial role in their rescue.

“We realized we needed to evacuate,” 78-year-old J.C. Spencer said. “So I called Chick-fil-A and ordered two grilled chicken burritos, extra egg and a boat.

“The manager said that she would send her husband, who has a boat, and she did.”

The photo shows Karen surrounded by waterlogged belongings.

“The boat couldn’t get into the house and there were these two wonderful men who came up on the jet ski,” she explained.

The couple was forced to pick just a few possessions before leaving the home.

After being rescued, J.C. asked to return to the home to retrieve another priceless possession: His wedding ring.

“I couldn’t save my house but I had to save my marriage,” he said.

Inside Edition’s Les Trent asked if they ever got those chicken burritos.

“No!” Karen jokingly said.

“It’s been delayed,” her husband added.

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