A workout to swear by

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Trying to get the most out of your workout? Researchers at a University in England found the key for better exercise performance and it involves a couple of four-letter expletives.
Want to train better, stronger and faster?

“We’re finding that rarely, people are achieving the levels of duration and intensity,” said Brandon Irwin, the Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at Kansas State University.

A study done at Keele University in England found that swearing might be the answer.

Researchers found that participants who cursed through a 30-second sprint on a stationary bike increased their power by four percent. A second study was done and those who cursed through a ten-second hand grip test had an eight percent boost in grip strength. Scientists say swearing allows people to tolerate more pain, making them able to push through it and stay active just like Tara Ruch.

“I have to stay moving, and stay active because if I don’t I crash.” Ruch says.

However, the researchers did say, swearing all through a workout doesn’t work. So it’s better to save the cursing to push you through the last leg of your workout.

It is recommended that people do two and a half hours per week of moderate to intense aerobic activity. However, many people need to do more to maintain a stable weight.

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