SWFL residents react to increasing product prices

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Southwest Florida residents are expressing their frustrations with the increasing price of various products.

“I know that when i go into any of the stores the prices just keep going up and up and you get less and less,” said Fort Myers resident Karen Peterson said.

Peterson said she’s had to adjust to the changing economic climate.

“You really cannot walk into these grocery stores like you used to and buy what you want to buy or buy what you need even,”Peterson said.

Peterson noticed increasing prices on commodities such as groceries and retail.

“Meats are going up tremendously,” Peterson said.  “I’ve noticed too that the dairy products are going up.”

Broker Mike Lombardo said he’s seen housing increase by 25 or 50 percent.

“I see a lot of families that are being priced out of affordable houses for families to live in,” Lombardo said. “Already rent has gone through the roof here.

Prices are increasing, but financial experts say it’s a sign of a healthy economy. Unemployment is down, while wages and costs are up.

“You cant afford to go online and shop either because the shipping costs are just astronomical,” Peterson said.

Inflation is rising and companies are pushing the costs through higher prices, according to experts.

“I just wish that they would slow down raising the cost of living for all of us people out here who are trying to work very hard or are in the retirement years that really need to budget their money,” Peterson said.

CNN Money reports dozens of companies, including John Deere and Tyson Foods plan to raise prices in the coming weeks.

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