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If you take your car in to get looked at and you’re slapped with the line: “I wouldn’t drive this another mile”, you should be suspicious. Get a second opinion, and don’t share the first number you were quoted with the second mechanic.

How much money have you spent in maintenance on your car?

According to one study, Americans spend over $1,000 each year in car maintenance fees! To cut back on these costs, it’s important to do your research and start by looking for a good mechanic.

Watch out for scare tactics and seek reputable shops by checking for recommendations from AAA. Never sign blank authorization forms, be sure they have specific estimates and related warranties listed.

Don’t fall for gimmicks like coolant or power steering flushes, as most cars have fluid designed to go for 100,000 miles.

“I know a lot of these places, you come in, you know ‘you need your coolant flushed for $69.95 or whatever’…well the parts only cost 5 or 6 bucks, so I mean that’s a major rip-off,” said Arlynn Nofziger, Head Mechanic for Southeast Performance.

Older cars did need regular tune-ups, but now modern car computers have eliminated the need for so many of them. Always ask for original equipment or equivalent material when it comes to your brake pads. If the deal feels too good to be true it could be putting your safety at risk.

Same goes for discount tires, ask about the build date. Those new tires could really be three years old! And finally, consult your dealership before having work done on emissions or catalytic converter parts. Some are covered under warranty and replacements are often required by law.

“Before you take your car to a shop, find out someone else that has taken it there,” Nofziger told Ivanhoe.

Finally, most modern cars are permanently sealed so there is no need for a “lube job.” Trucks are different from cars however, so some may require lubrication.

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