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DOJ warns buyers to be aware of potential re-sale of flooded cars

Reporter: Sara Girard
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If you are in the market for buying a used car, Department of Justice is warning you to be aware of what condition the car you want to buy is in.

The Department of Justice says after the hurricanes last year, Carfax reports thousands of flooded cars would up in Fla. and they warn buyers to be aware of cars with potential flooding.

“They could possibly replace one or two things just to get the car to run, and then try to dry it out and sell it,” said Troy Cummings, who is a mechanic at Terry Wynter auto.

So this leads to the question of “how do you tell if the car you’re looking at has been flooded?”

“You’re gonna get a stale or musty smell inside the car. And typically you can’t get that out unless you replace the carpets,” said Troy.

Even if the car has been totally cleaned out, there are plenty of signs under the hood.

“If water gets into it it’s ruined, also check for rust, and even mold and mud around the doors and under the seats and carpets. And you don’t have to do it all yourself, take it to a trusted mechanic for an inspection,” said Troy.

Taking these steps to avoid buying a flooded car could save your from drowning in repair costs.

“You need to do your due diligence before you take a plunge on something like that. Even if you have any kind of hesitation, have it checked out first,” Troy said.