Dunbar student arrested for bringing taser and lighter to school

Reporter: Taylor Petras
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Dunbar High School families are upset after a student was caught bringing a taser to campus.
This is the second time a weapon has made it inside the high school in less than a month, and parents want to know what needs to be done to prevent similar situations in the future.
A student was brought to the principal’s office earlier this week for suspected marijuana use. When the school resource officer intervened, the student admitted to bringing a taser and a lighter to school for “protection,” and was arrested.
And although she didn’t use the weapons, parents are concerned that students are able to bring weapons on campus in the first place.
Another student brought a knife to campus at the end of August, and during gym class, used the weapon to injure another classmate in a fight.
“I was kind of shocked,” said Angie Trueblood who is a Dunbar parent. “I mean, when the knife thing happened then we were told about it, but I didn’t get any kind of alert or anything and that’s a weapon. You would think that they would give us an alert, something. That’s kind of shocking.”
WINK News reached out to the school for a statement, and Principal Carl Burnside responded:
This is principal Carl Burnside.
I wanted you to know that yesterday, prior to the start of school, administrators identified a student suspected of having contraband. They immediately took the student to the office. 
When questioned, the student shared that she had a taser and a lighter in her possession because she walked to school while it was dark and was afraid.  The administrators conducted the search and located both the taser and lighter. No other contraband was found.  Our SRO was notified and began an investigation which resulted in the student being arrested. 
In addition, the school will take disciplinary action per the student code of conduct.
Providing a safe and secure learning environment is of top priority for our school.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or one of our administrators.
Thank you.

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