Fort Myers mayor believes city is safe

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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The bloodshed continued in Fort Myers over the weekend, but Mayor Randy Henderson insists the city is safe.  

“Our citizens are safe, as they have been in the history of our city,” Henderson said.  

In the past two and a half weeks, Fort Myers has experienced five shootings that killed three people and injured many others. The most recent happened outside The Tea Room off US 41 where witnesses said gunfire broke out after an argument early Sunday morning.  

“Some human beings have total disregard for where they are, what they’re doing and who they threatening,” Henderson said. “These targeted events are just that.” 

Amy Granger of Fort Myers believes that Fort Myers Police Department does an overall great job of keeping her safe.  

“We bought in Fort Myers,” Granger said. “We moved here because we thought it was just a safe community, so surprising to hear that it’s happening.” 

Graner worries about escalating violence and the risk for bystanders.   

“Think you could be walking down the street somewhere shopping enjoying your time here and have something happen here like that,” Granger said.  

Henderson said he believes police will catch the people responsible for this senseless violence.  

“I trust in our law-enforcement leadership,” Henderson said. “I’m confident in them. They have delivered and delivered and delivered time again. They will deliver on this.” 

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