Dead body found near churches in Fort Myers

Reporter: Anika Henanger Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Sundays off Lincoln Boulevard and Brown Street in Fort Myers are usually buzzing with churchgoers. During morning services, the hum of police cars and murmurs of shock interrupted prayer among almost every congregation in proximity. A body was discovered nearby.

An unidentified body was discovered near Church of the Living God in Fort Myers Sunday.

“This block alone there’s about four churches on this block,” said Minister Gus Munoz of Church of the Living God.

Deacon Kenneth Walker of Church of the Living God said he made the call to police.

“I was shocked, stunned,” Walker said. “Low, and behold, there was a body right there on the side of the house. So, I called 911 and let them know y’all need to get over here.”

Originally the body was discovered by a churchgoer on his bike, who declined to show his face on WINK News’ broadcast.

“I noticed the house needed the grass cut,” the churchgoer said. “I figured it was trash, but I didn’t know it was a dead body because it was decomposed so bad, blown up.”

Community members are on edge, as they wait for the medical examiner’s results. Everyone hopes it is not someone they know.

“Trust me; my heart dropped when I turned the corner,” Munoz said.

This is not something the church community hopes to see happen again.

“I’m just grateful no kids didn’t run up on it,” Walker said.

Trust WINK News to update you as more information becomes available from authorities.

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