Don’t get caught accidentally buying a fake designer bag

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It’s our Season of Savings, and buying used purses save big bucks. But how do you make sure that designer bag online is real?

First, you’re going to need more than a card saying it’s real.

Owner of high-end consignment shop True Fashionistas, Jennifer Johnson, verifies luxury goods for a living.

Johnson says, “The fakes are getting harder and harder to spot.”

At her stores the process starts with looking at these three things.

The lining: What it feels like, what it looks like.

The stitching: There shouldn’t be bumps.

And logos: Like on a Gucci product, look closely at the label’s letters. If it’s real.. “There’s a bigger side of the U and a smaller side of the U,” she says.

Her other advice is to make sure the seller is reputable, and ask how they authenticate their bags.

Johnson says there has been many occasions where she has to tell people that their bag is not authentic.

And if it seems too good to be true. It probably is.

For example, Chanel has a hologram tag on the inside.

If you have a bag you’d like to have checked out, Johnson’s store will do it for $35.

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