Heartbroken pet owner pleading for answers after dog is strangled, beaten

Author: CBS News
Strangled Golden Retriever. (CBS News photo)
Strangled Golden Retriever. (CBS News photo)

Jenna Meyerowich is pleading for answers after she says her golden retriever was strangled and brutally beaten in her own backyard in Jupiter Farms.

Her 4-year-old pet was hurt so badly, it had to be put down.

“They took her away from me for no reason because she was not cruel,” Meyerowich said. “She’s just a sweetheart, lovable. She will run up to a stranger and give you a kiss She knew how to hug on command.”

She says her boyfriend let the dogs out around 9 p.m. last Thursday night.

“Normally, it’s pitch-black at night by our fence line,” Meyerowich said.

When he heard people talking in the backyard, Meyerowich says he knew something wasn’t right.

“Then, he heard crying, whimpering. He called both my dogs. Only Balto came. Then, he used his flashlight to find her. She just couldn’t move,” she said.

Lola was rushed to a hospital after she was found semi-paralyzed.

“The doctors told me they found strangulation along the neck,” Meyerowich said.

Lola sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured neck and broken ribs after she says someone beat her with some object.

The dog was euthanized hours later.

“It’s really hard to wrap my head around something that is so tragic that can happen to my dog,” Meyerowich said. “I don’t know why someone can do something like this to such an innocent, sweet girl.”

Fearing for her Husky, Balto’s life, Meyerowich installed solar LED lights along the fence line and plans to get security cameras as a precaution.

Her message to Lola’s attackers?

“They can straight just go to hell because she was my best friend,” Meyerowich said. “She was just the sweetest dog I’ve ever had in my whole life.”

Meyerowich says the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to come forward.

Along with the heartbreak, her loved ones set up a GoFundMe page to help with the vet bills.

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