Sanibel discusses allowing dogs at restaurants

Sanibel discusses allowing dogs at restaurants.

Next week in Sanibel, the city is discussing changing an ordinance that prevents dogs from being allowed at restaurants.

The current statement is only one sentence long, and simply says on the bottom line, that dogs aren’t allowed near any public place that sells food, including outside entrances at grocery stores.

This could change after council member Holly Smith says she wants to change the ordinance, and give restaurants the choice to decide if they would like to allow dogs or not.

The state does allow for them to accompany their owners, but there are certain restrictions, such as the dogs have to stay in a designated area of the restaurant, and employees must wash hands after they touch any animals.

Dog owners are happy about the possible change, saying that it would make traveling to Southwest Florida with a dog less complicated.

“We’ve been coming down to Sanibel for several years and it has been difficult to find areas that accept dogs,” said Connie Wolfanger.

Other say they don’t have an issue as long as aren’t causing any issues.

“I don’t really have any problem with the dogs being on Sanibel as long as they are well kept, well maintained, they aren’t begging for food and just trying to enjoy life like we are,” said Keith Balazy.

The new ordinance will be read for a second time during Tuesday’s council meeting.




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