Dad needs a brain operation. Cape siblings run lemonade stand to fund it.

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Two kids in Cape Coral are working together to raise money for their father’s medical treatment and it means more to their dad than they will ever know.

By the end of the day, Jillian and Hunter had $60, but they‘re not keeping it. It is to help their dad, Virgil Garrison III. He has a rare brain leakage.

The pair are selling lemonade off Santa Barbara Blvd. and NW 15th Terr. in Cape Coral.

“To help our dad be normal, again,” Jillian said.

“Two nice people,” Hunter said, “they prayed for us.”

Like their sign says, they want to get their dad to Duke University.

“Only a certain doctor can do it up there,” Hunter said. “We’re trying to raise money and go do that.”

“Sometimes you think, that your kids will never change for the better,” Virgil said. “But, they do something like this and they make you feel like you did good.”

Virgil and his doctors believe his brain leakage was from a 2012 car accident when he was rear-ended. Virgil said the injury is manageable but makes him miserable.

Recently, Virgil’s speech has been affected and his headaches have gotten worse. He could not keep his health condition from his family.

“They’re understanding, and know that daddy is going be down and out for a little while,” Virgil said. “But what they’re doing now is unbelievable.”

Jillian and Hunter plan to keep their lemonade stand running up until Sunday. While their mission is to fund their dad’s operation, they are also healing the community.

“There’s so much hate in the world,” Hunter said. “This brings everyone closer together to see something nice like this.”

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