20-year-old Cape man suffers brain injury after another driver runs stop sign


CAPE CORAL, Fla.-  A 20-year-old man has a long road to recovery after suffering a stroke and severe brain injuries from being hit by a car.

Police tell WINK News the man who hit Brendan Younk ran a stop sign.

Younk’s family now wants to know why the driver isn’t facing charges.

WINK News spoke with Younk’s mother, Lisa, Tuesday morning. She says Brendan is currently in Lee Memorial Hospital.

She tells WINK News he will celebrate his 21st birthday Wednesday, but right now, his brain injuries have made him unable to talk in full sentences.

The Younk family says they are asking for only your prayers, but a family friend tells us, she is looking for more help for this family.

“After everything they’ve done for everyone else, they just need help themselves right now,” said Sarah Torres.

As a family friend, Torres recently started a GoFundMe page for the family and their son, Brendan.

He remains in the hospital, fighting for his life, after getting hit by a car on April 9.

“He was in an induced coma. Lot of brain bleeds, swelling. Right now he is coming out of the coma, but they aren’t sure how long it’s going to take, going to be a long road for sure,” said Torres.

Cape Coral Police say the driver who hit him ran a stop sign on Southwest 25th Place, crashing into the right side of Younk’s car.

“Brendan’s mother, Lisa, is up there practically 24/7.  She and the family are very, very close. Stays by his side all day long, holding his hand, talking to him, holding his hand,” said Torres.

The driver who hit him was visiting from Germany. Police are looking into whether there was insurance on the rental car he was driving.

“This is going to be extremely expensive. Not only from the medical bills, which are already piling up, but from the loss of work,” said Torres.

This isn’t the first time tragedy has struck the Younk family.

“Lisa has cancer. Her husband had a brain injury as well, a few years ago, from helping a neighbor,” said Torres.

But Torres says they have never stopped thinking about other people, so she is only too happy to help.

“They really need support right now. Financially, and emotionally,” said Torres.

Cape Coral Police tell WINK News no citations have been issued in this crash yet.

They say this is common, because they are still investigating the crash, and an appropriate charge will be determined by the severity of Brendan’s injuries.

Police say, so far, there is no evidence to suggest that this was a case of careless driving.

If you’re interested in donating to help out the Younk family, click here to visit the GoFundMe page.


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