Spray paint vandalizes American flag, public property in DeSoto County

Reporter: Stephanie Byrne
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The American flag, mailbox, stop signs, have all been vandalized – spray-painted with hateful words and offensive symbols. Now, the hunt is on to apprehend those responsible.

Just outside of Arcadia, neighbors around Pine Hurst Dr. came outside to find graffiti and hateful words sprayed-painted on personal and public property.

“My mom said the American flag,” said Amanda Morgan, a neighbor, “someone spray-painted it.”

DeSoto County vandalism near Pine Hurst Dr. (Credit: WINK News)
DeSoto County vandalism near Pine Hurst Dr. (Credit: WINK News)

Morgan has lived there for her whole life. While she tells WINK News she has not seen anything like this before, it is not the first time her flag has been messed with.

“It has been pulled down and thrown in a mud puddle like multiple times,” Morgan said.

Morgan is not alone in her frustration. She made a Facebook post and dozens of people have expressed their disappointment that a someone or a group of people would do that.

Neighbors have since cleaned up most of the graffiti, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office wants answers and they need the help of the public.

“If they’ve got any information whatsoever as to who might have perpetrated the graffiti and criminal mischief,” said Colonel James Vitali of the DCSO, “by all means, please bring it forward.”

In the meantime, Morgan said she thinks she and her family will have to replace their flag themselves.

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