Dallas cop testifies at her murder trial in neighbor’s death

Writer: Derrick Shaw
Fired Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger, center, leaves the Frank Crowley Courts Building in Dallas, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019. Guyger is accused of shooting and killing Botham Jean, an unarmed 26-year-old neighbor in his own apartment last year. She told police she thought his apartment was her own and that he was an intruder. (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP, Pool)

A white former Dallas police officer took the stand Friday in her murder trial for the fatal shooting of a black neighbor whose apartment she said she mistook for her own.

One of Amber Guyger’s lawyers opened by asking about her childhood in the Dallas suburb of Arlington. Guyger said she grew up in a small house, that she played in the school band and that she aspired to become a police officer.

“I just wanted to help people and that was the one career that I thought I could help people in,” said Guyger, who was fired from the police force after she shot and killed her neighbor, Botham Jean.

Guyger’s testimony marks the first time the public has heard directly from the 31-year-old since Jean’s killing last September. Guyger was off duty but in uniform when she shot Jean, a 26-year-old native of the Caribbean nation of St. Lucia who worked as an accountant in Dallas.

The basic facts of the unusual shooting are not in dispute. Guyger walked up to Jean’s apartment — which was on the fourth floor, directly above hers on the third — and found the door unlocked. She was off duty but still dressed in her police uniform after a long shift when she shot Jean with her service weapon. Guyger was later arrested, fired and charged with murder.

Guyger’s attorneys say she fired in self-defense after mistaking Jean for a burglar. Her attorneys also say the identical physical appearance of the complex from floor to floor frequently led to tenants parking on the wrong floor or trying to enter the wrong apartment.

Prosecutors have questioned how Guyger could have missed numerous signs that she was in the wrong place, and suggested she was distracted by sexually explicit phone messages with her police partner. Prosecutors also say Jean was no threat to Guyger, noting that he was in his living room eating a bowl of ice cream when she entered his apartment.

In a frantic 911 call played in court earlier this week, Guyger says “I thought it was my apartment” nearly 20 times. The shooting attracted intense national scrutiny for the strange circumstances and because it was one in a chain of shootings of unarmed black men by white police officers.

The trial began Monday.

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