Researchers tag embattled great white shark in North Atlantic

Writer: Derrick Shaw
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Vimy, the great white shark. Credit: Ocearch.

It’s a pretty easy life when you’re top of the food chain. Right? It turns out that is likely not always the case for a shark that was found injured.

Ocearch researchers caught a 13-foot-long great white shark off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada recently that had teeth marks on its jaw and head.

One of the wounds was old and healed, while the other appears to have happened recently.

And scientist believe the culprit was a larger male great white that was competing with the 13-footer for a female great white. Or wounds could have been inflicted by a female uninterested in mating.

Researchers with Ocearch named the big fish Vimy, and tagged him with a tracker.

Vimy was originally tagged off the coast of Nova Scotia during the research team’s 2019 expedition to the area. Vimy’s latest location was off the coast of the Mid-Atlantic toward the Northeast U.S.

Vimy’s ocean travels, along with other great whites, can be followed on the organization’s website

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