Third-party smartphone cable could expose your data to hackers

Reporter: Rich Kolko
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Data breach. (Credit: MGN)
Data breach. (Credit: MGN)

A product made for ethical hackers, to help fix and detect vulnerabilities in operating systems, is making national headlines because tech experts say in the wrong hands, the bad hackers can steal your information.

For about $100 anyone will soon be able to buy the OMG cord. Made to mimic the Apple charging cord, this souped-up charger contains circuit boards and has the capability to send out information like your password, credit card, and bank information.

“Once this is plugged into someone’s computer and phone they will have full access to controlling their computer, their network, getting information,” explained Apple technician and owner of MDP Studios Dennis DiGiacomo.

While no one has reported this type of hack, tech experts say a bad actor could leave one of these cords in a public place and once you pick it up and plug it in your phone, you’re at risk.

“You’re basically creating one big breach of all your data,” said DiGiacomo.

But it’s not just cords you need to watch out for. Scammers have been known to place data-stealing devices behind USB outlets. If you plug your own charger into one of those outlets, your data is also at risk.

The best way to protect yourself is to always use your own cord and stay away from public USB outlets. Always use the actual electrical outlet to charge your phone.

We reached out to the makers of the OMG charger and have not heard back.

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