Florida families sue makers of ‘Banana Boat’ sunscreen that left kids with blisters, burns

Reporter: Taylor Petras
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Blisters caused by use of Banana Boat Sport for Kids sunscreen (Photos provided to WINK News)

Huge blisters, raw, exposed skin and dark, burn spots. Three Florida families say the sunscreen that is supposed to protect their children caused these burns.

That’s why they’re suing the makers of “Banana Boat Sport For Kids.”

Deanna Chiaradio’s children had a full day of football on Fort Myers Beach.

The family from Connecticut came prepared for the hot, Florida sun.

“I usually use 50 protection, sports. My kids are very fair, so we put it on constantly,” said Chiaradio.

She makes sure to put on sunscreen to protect their skin, but she never would expect it to do something like this…

Blisters caused by use of Banana Boat Sport for Kids sunscreen (Photos provided to WINK News)

“The blisters were, like, bigger and bigger and then they started rupturing,” she said.

That’s what happened to Aggie Kiraga’s four-year-old son, Jayden.

She says his skin started to blister after using the Banana Boat for Kids spray sunscreen.

“He was in pain because when, you know, those blisters started rupturing, you could see flesh. Anytime to give him a bath was painful,” said Kiraga.

Blisters caused by use of Banana Boat Sport for Kids sunscreen (Photos provided to WINK News)

She wants the company to put a warning label on the bottle or change the sunscreen’s formula.

Chiaradio says she feels for the mothers who were just trying to protect their children. “That’s awful that would happen. You put that on to protect your children, not to have a problem.”

Edgewell, the company that makes the sunscreen said in a statement:

“We take all of our consumer’s concerns seriously and our quality assurance team evaluates all reports we receive about adverse reactions, including potential skin reactions, related to the use of our products. Importantly, all Banana Boat products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are appropriately labeled and meet all relevant health regulations, including SPF tests. We encourage people who have concerns about a burn to visit a dermatologist who can determine the type of burn, or a reaction to the product itself, and advise on appropriate treatment.

“Edgewell Personal Care does not specifically comment on pending or ongoing litigation. That being said,  we work with all consumers to understand and address their specific circumstances as we are dedicated to providing safe and effective, high-quality sun protection you can confidently use for all your suncare needs.”

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