A family’s home in Bonita Springs burns down. What’s left was stolen

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Firefighters fight the flames as the family's home burns down. (Credit: WINK News)
Firefighters fight the flames as the family’s home burns down. (Credit: WINK News)

The place where a family once called home in Bonita Springs is now nothing but charred remnants, scorched rubble and reminders of what used to be there after a fire on Thursday. In the days following the fire, what was left was stolen.

Carol Bloom said she and her boyfriend, Pete, got their four kids and dog out of the house as the flames ripped through their home. In an instant, they lost everything, which includes clothes, toys and items they can never replace.

“All of our pictures. All of our memories,” said Bloom as tears are seen falling from her eyes. “All of the things that my children have made for me. I’ve always saved all of that my whole life.”

Now, the family lives day-by-day in a hotel room.

“This sweater that I’m wearing right now is a donation,” Bloom said. “We pretty much have nothing.”

Soon after the fire, the family noticed that people went inside the house to look for items to steal. Their tools were stolen, which was the only belongings that did not get burned. Bloom’s boyfriend had hoped to start his own business using those tools.

“I can’t believe people would do after we lost everything,” Bloom said.

So now, the family is trying to get their lives back on track and relying on the support of the community. These are the items they need:

  • Hygiene products
  • 1-year-old girl: clothing for 18-month-old, baby wipes, diapers size 4/5
  • Boy, age 9: shorts/ pants size 10, shirt large, shoes kids size 5
  • Boy, age 5: size 6/7 pants and shirt; shoe’s size 1 kids
  • Boy, age 4: size 5 pants and shirts; shoe’s size 12 kids
  • Carol: Women’s size 10-11 pants; tops M/L; shoes 9.5
  • Pete: Men’s 3x-5x shirt, 3x shorts; pants 40W x 34-36 length; shoes 13
Drop off: Badass Rides 5811 Halifax Ave in Fort Myers or call the family at (239) 204-7818 for pick up. They will also be having a benefit at Ralph’s Place in Cape Coral in Big John Plaza on Feb. 23, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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