Residents react to death investigation in their neighborhood

Reporter: Dannielle Garcia
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As usual, Fort Myers police aren’t saying much about what happened near Palm Beach Boulevard close to the intersection of Desoto Avenue and Alderman Street Friday morning.

All they’ll say is that 24-year-old Andre Laquan Brown is dead, but not how or why.

Around 12:20 a.m., Fort Myers Police and FDLE Crime Scene Units blocked off the street surrounding a small, yellow house; doing what crime scene investigators do when there’s a murder.

Friday morning, a sign hung in front of the home where Brown was killed. It read, “Without police, would your family be safe tonight?”

Sebastiana Diaz said she wishes there were more police in the neighborhood to keep her family safe, adding that she was scared.

“It worries me. It’s like, okay, is the neighborhood starting to get bad,” asked Felipe Flores.

Fort Myers Police released a crime map yesterday during a news conference touting what the University of Cincinnati researchers say is a dramatic decrease in violent crime.

FMPD Crime Map (WINK News)

The bright red sections mark hot spots for crime. The neighborhood where Brown was killed is one of them.

“I think it makes everyone kind of scared you know,” said Laude Guzman. She said she’s noticed more police in the neighborhood recently and believes no one is 100% safe anywhere.

Adding to the mystery is why Fort Myers police asked FDLE to join the investigation. It’s an unusual request.

FMPD said they were in need of additional resources. FDLE said they were helping with the investigation and couldn’t say more.

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