Sanibel residents fear for pets’ safety as coyotes get too close for comfort

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Footage captured on Sanibel resident Jinny Kelby’s Ring doorbell now has her on high alert.

“I looked at it and thought this is kind of interesting,” she said.

Her cameras captured not one, but two coyotes roaming around her Sanibel neighborhood. You can see one of the coyotes lurking in her driveway and the other not too far behind.

“The thing that kind of shocked me was that they were at my door,” said Kelby.

At her door! And she’s not the only one who’s seen them. Neighbors say sightings appear to have increased in recent years, but this instance was just a bit too close for comfort. Kilby worries about the pets in the community.

“I could’ve walked him outside and ran into them, so this is a problem,” she said.

The City of Sanibel Natural Resources Department says it’s not uncommon to see coyotes in this area. They say to limit interactions, don’t leave garbage or food around your home and if you encounter one, make lots of noise.

“Now I’m trying to figure out, what do I carry with me for protection,” said Kelby.

You should also avoid walking your dog around sunset or sunrise as coyotes tend to be nocturnal. Also, avoid areas with thick brush.

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