At-home DNA kits could put military members at risk

Reporter: Sara Girard
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DNA swab test. (CBS photo)
DNA swab test. (CBS photo)

A warning for military members to stay away from at-home DNA tests was released by the Pentagon, according to a memo obtained by Yahoo News.

They say the information collected by these companies could expose sensitive genetic information to outside parties and poses personal and operational risks to service members.

Earlier this year, we told you how to sign up with your name and address and then decide if you want your DNA to help research projects.

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According to a professor at USF, that information could be used by law enforcement or sold to pharmaceutical companies and other for-profit businesses.

And, if there’s a breach, she says we could all be at risk.

With the number of programs available online, information can be reidentified, which you can go online and find addresses and voter registration records. To reidentify, it’s kind of like a puzzle using bits and pieces of information.

Some companies will contact you to let you know what kind of project your information will be used for. Others, you have to contact directly.

All companies told us they have strict rules about sharing and protecting private information.

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