WINK News Roundtable: Should college be free?

Reporter: Chris Cifatte Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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WINK News Anchor Chris Ciffatte sits down with a six-member, student panel at FGCU for an edition of WINK News Roundtable. Credit: WINK News.

During a recent edition of WINK News Roundtable, we sat down with FGCU students from different backgrounds and fields of study to discuss what is likely to be among big campaign issues in the 2020 presidential election — free college.

When we sat down with students at FGCU, there was agreement among our six-member panel that education should be available for everyone. Students agreed they want to see reforms that will continue to make college and other forms of higher education accessible to people seeking it.

Student panelists also say, with campaign season heating up, there are a lot of big issues to consider. One included the feeling that resources may be lost to students if higher education becomes free.

Among the student panelists was a finance major who says students have to weigh risk and return, especially when spending lots of money to achieve a degree in an area of study that might not see as great a payoff, creating financial obligations down the line.

Of note: A Harris poll by The Hill in September shows 58% of registered voters said they would support a proposal that would make public colleges and trade school tuition-free, finding a way to eliminate all existing student debt.

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The panelists largely agreed taking a more critical approach to college overall would help, and most agreed cost shouldn’t get in the way of those who want to attend college. But they also agreed that having it all paid for or not analyzing the costs of these ideas isn’t the answer either.

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Disclaimer: WINK News Anchor Chris Ciffatte is an FGCU faculty member but had not met any of the WINK News Roundtable student panelists prior to the discussion that was conducted.

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