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Coronavirus impact extends to weddings


The coronavirus is an unwelcome guest for one Southwest Florida couple. They’re among many forced to make big changes ahead of their wedding.

Not only do they have to worry about how the virus could impact them, but their guests as well.

The coronavirus has hit brides hard, but Darlene Williams can take a punch.

“The virus is not going to scare me into changing my life – just make some adjustments.”

Williams is 70 and has been with her fiancé for six years. They got engaged in February.

“He asked me would I like to be his valentine forever, and I said sure.”

So, they started to plan.

“We were thinking about getting married on a cruise and then come home and have a party,” she said. “Our plans have changed but the virus isn’t going to stop us; we’re still getting married on April the 4th.”

Lots of other brides-to-be don’t know what to do.

Jeaninne Campos of Jeaninne’s Bridal in Fort Myers said that churches are canceling, reception venues are closing and dresses aren’t arriving on time, some of the deliveries being extended two to four weeks.

“More than anything we see brides in a little bit of a panic,” she said.

For Williams, her worry is that her 90-year-old mother will stay away from her wedding, now set to take place at her lake home in Sebring.

“If she doesn’t, I’ll understand that she doesn’t because she’s really scared and worried about it at their age, and I don’t blame her.”

Williams said she’s limiting the guest list to close family, hoping that will make her mom more comfortable.

She said she ordered a dress, but it was lost in shipping and finally showed up on her doorstep Wednesday, so she’s all set to walk down the aisle.