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Families rediscover each other during ‘safer at home’ togetherness

Reporter: Gina Tomlinson Writer: Jackie Winchester
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What does “safer at home” look like for your family?

While some of you might experience some cabin fever, the pandemic has led to some unprecedented amounts of togetherness, and many people are soaking up life from a different viewpoint.

Without students in the classroom and with so many businesses shut down, neighborhoods are busier than ever.

It’s change that Nick Kouloheras sees outside his window since the coronavirus pandemic has him working at home.

“Whenever you flip someone’s world upside down, it causes challenges,” he said.

The Kouloheras family in Naples tries to make the best of the quarantine, having the kids take turns cooking dinner and finding some interesting ways to have fun, like pulling a kayak from the family golf cart.

“In the 16 years since Nick and I have been married, we’ve certainly never spent this much time together in one space, especially with the children,” said Kara Kouloheras.

With gyms closed, families are getting out in the fresh air, finding other ways to exercise.

“I sent a group text to some guys in the neighborhood the other day and said hey from a social distance, does everyone want to go for an old man walk around the neighborhood? And then a follow-up text was you don’t have an excuse not to go anymore!” Nick said.

“And in these times, it certainly will cause enough challenges that I think a lot of bad things will come out of it from the family dynamic.”

The family hopes they’ll come out stronger.

“We will be able to look back and remember the peaceful feelings that were having of being together,” Kara said.