Neighbors upset with flooding on Jeepers Drive in East Naples, want county intervention

Reporter: Taylor Smith Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Flooding seen in front of the home of neighbor Luz Castillo along Jeepers Drive in East Naples. Credit: Shared with WINK News.

Neighbors in an East Naples neighborhood on Jeepers Drive are fed up with flooding on their street.

One East Naples homeowner says, every time it rains there, water rises near her home. And, during the rainy season, she’s ready to see some solutions so it doesn’t happen again.

Luz Castillo and her neighbors have to sweep water off of their porches to make sure their homes don’t get flooded when it rains.

“My neighbor had to have her floor redone because of the humidity and the water sitting there, you know a good $20,000,” Castillo said. “I have soft spots in my bathroom already.”

Castillo says their storm drains are clogged.

“All this gets flooded, you come from a party or anything at night, we’ll come into the swimming pool before you can get inside,” Castillo said.

Her plants in her garden usually drown every year, and sometimes she has trouble leaving her home.

“When the water gets to a certain level, and her car sits low,” Castillo said. “So she can’t drive out her driveway because all the water would get in her car, and her car would get damaged.”

She says she is speaking up for her and her neighbors because they want to see some action.

“You can’t even get out through your own driveway. No. Something needs to be done,” Castillo said. “It’s just not a human way of us living here.”

Castillo says Collier County has come to check on the problem, but the water still rises.

We have reached out to Collier County to ask them about the problem and if they are working on fixing it. But we have not heard back.

“We pay tax money, and we deserve to get a real drain,” Castillo said.

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