Surgeon General encourages masks, says wearing them will give ‘more freedom’

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U.S. Surgeon General said Sunday that wearing masks actually promotes freedom and keeps people safe when venturing out. In downtown Fort Myers, many people aren’t wearing masks and a lot of people don’t wanna talk about why.

But one man said it’s simple: He wears a mask for his daughter. “I’ve got a daughter that has asthma. I have to keep myself safe for her,” said Daniel White of Fort Myers. “It’s uncomfortable, but it’s the right thing.”

White isn’t only protecting his daughter by wearing masks but is also helping other people in the community.

But he believes that people have gotten comfortable without the masks. “They were, but not anymore. I guess everybody’s just getting a little bit careless about it,” White said.

Another Fort Myers resident, Jose Marrero said, “Not too many, everybody feels comfortable I guess, but you can’t be too safe around here.”

Dr. Mary Beth Saunders, an infectious disease specialist with Lee Health, says that places like downtown Fort Myers are exactly the kinds of places where masks are a must.

“When you’re in those scenarios when you’re likely to come into contact with people and engage in conversation, you should have your mask on,” said Dr. Saunders. Because “the whole point of going downtown is to socialize.”

And although cloth masks may be the most basic level of protection, it’s better than nothing. “Any mask is better than no mask. A good cloth mask is going to provide a level of protection,” said Dr. Scott Gottleib, former FDA commissioner.

The U.S. Surgeon General agrees that even suggests wearing masks to go out. Because he said while some feel it will “infringe not heir freedom of choice,” however it will actually allow us “more freedom to go out.”

And these Marrero said he’ll keep wearing his until this is completely solved, he’ll keep wearing his. “Until they come up with a cure and everything is officially done and over – I’m going to keep wearing mine.”

And White agrees that this isn’t a laughing matter and the point is to protect each other. “Think about your elders and your family. That’s pretty much where I stand,” he said.

White urges, “Keep wearing it – this is not a joke, this is really serious.”

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