Many experience debate hangover after presidential candidate showdown

Reporter: Morgan Rynor Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Credit: CBS News.

Millions of people are dealing with a presidential debate hangover Wednesday after President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden met on stage, and we wanted to know if people think holding another debate is a waste of time.

Constant back-and-forth consumed the first presidential debate.

β€œThey weren’t, you know, answering the questions like they were supposed to,” Sadie Sanchez said.

Sanchez told us she turned the TV off after 15 minutes.

β€œThey were all over the place and talking over each other,” Aurelia Chis said.

Chis say’s the two didn’t get any of their points across.

“It’s a lot to think about,” Chis said.

“I really seriously doubt the two candidates could come together and be cordial,” Barbara Lutz said.

“I think two more would maybe give them a cooldown, and maybe they can answer the correct answers that needed to be answered,” Sanchez said.

The campaigns for both the president and the Democratic nominee believe there should be two more debates as scheduled.

β€œI think there absolutely should be another two debates,” said Kimberley Guilfoyle, an adviser to President Donald Trump. β€œIt would be great if the president could get the chance and opportunity to talk about his accomplishments.”

β€œI’m hoping that the next two debates look and feel very different,” said Chris King, a former Democratic Florida Lt. governor candidate.

Different is what we are told will happen in round two and three.

The Commission on Presidential Debates said it’s going to change some rules to ensure an orderly discussion of the issues. What those changes are, the commission did not say.

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