Man’s Trump sign vandalized, asks community, nation to move forward together

Reporter: Nicole Gabe Writer: Jack Lowenstein
Credit: WINK News.

A sign of President Donald Trump was vandalized on a homeowner’s property in Port Charlotte. It showed the president’s face with markings that included a mustache resembling Adolf Hitler’s as well as the word terrorist written across the sign.

Tom Millitzer is a supporter of the president. He told us he thinks he was targeted because of what happened at the Capitol.

Millitzer watched the chaos reported on TV Wednesday night. The next morning, he walked outside his home and found his Trump sign vandalized.

“I don’t exactly like my stuff being screwed up,” Millitzer said.

He says his daughter saw it first it and told him someone destroyed his Trump sign.

“She noticed some new ears,” Militzer said.

His Trump sign was also accompanied by what appeared to be devil horns. And more additions.

“Various feces. Obviously, it says, ‘sieg heil,’ and terrorist on top of our president,” Millitzer said.

Millitzer, a longtime Trump supporter, told us he knows this happened because of what took place at the Capitol.

“Personally, my thought was that our president will now be remembered for about an hour of history, not four years,” he said.

Millitzer owns Trump signs and flags, but Millitzer told us he condemns the violence we all witnessed.

“We’re all Americans, and I think that what happened yesterday is we had a visual that was just being played over and over again,” he said. “Was it bad? Was it nasty? Yes. It was.”

Millitzer says he filed a police report, but he admits it will be hard to track down those responsible for vandalizing his sign. He said he plans to dispose of his sign by the end of the day.

Millitzer told us he planned to take his sign down when Congress certified Joe Biden as our next president. He’s calling for his neighborhood and the nation to come together and move forward together.

“I’m going to take it down right now, not because I don’t love the man, but because it’s a symbol that shouldn’t be there, and the election is over,” Millitzer said.

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