Man in critical condition, woman injured by pet dog in Englewood

Reporter: Emma Heaton Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Credit: John Dunn via WINK News.

Charlotte County Fire & EMS responded to a married couple who were attacked by their pet dog, confirmed to be a pit bull breed, in Englewood Wednesday.

According to EMS, a man and woman, likely in their 60s, were taken to the hospital in a trauma helicopter to treat injuries from the attack. The attack happened in the area of the 2900 block of S McCall Road.

Crews originally responded to the report of a woman having a seizure. When a Charlotte County deputy arrived on scene, he heard commotion coming from the inside of the house, so he opened the door and saw a dog was attacking the couple.

The deputy ended up using a Taser on the dog, and it ran into the bathroom. The deputy was able to close the door and kept the dog contained.

The woman had puncture wounds on her neck from the dog, and the man is in critical condition after being bitten and scratched by the dog.

“People are yelling and screaming for help, and you can’t do anything,” said Heather Oburg, whose mother was attacked. “But at the same time, you have to.”

Oburg said her mother and stepdad’s dog began to attack them after her mom began having a seizure. It’s something she won’t forget.

“Well, it’s really hard when it’s your mother on the floor and your stepfather,” Oburg said.

All she could think to do was grab a knife.

“He’s like get some thing … get them off,” Oburg explained. “I tried to grab a knife, and apparently when you’re in a panic, you don’t grab the right thing.”

The couple was already seriously hurt by the time the deputy arrived and used a Taser to get the pit bull away from them.

Charlotte County Animal Control had custody of the dog Wednesday night, and it was in quarantine.

Oburg told us she was told to wait for help to arrive in a separate room with her son and said it was hard not to respond to her parents cries for help one room away. She hopes her mother and stepfather pull through.

“I hope that they’re going to be able to recover and able to function normally,” Oburg said.

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