Grocery prices are going up but there are ways to help you battle back and save

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Have you experienced sticker shock at the grocery store yet? Between apps, coupons, and even payment methods you use are all ways to keep you within your budget.

Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult; it just might take some extra time to make ends meet.

Walmart isn’t Michelle Boyd’s first grocery store stop of her shopping day. She’s hit a couple of others already, comparing prices so she can keep as much money as possible in her wallet.

“Prices are going up every day. I mean, literally every day,” she said.

Nerdwallet’s personal finance expert Kimberly Palmer says price comparing should be first on your list of errands before you even step foot in the store. Then, she says, take a look at your credit cards.

“A lot of credit cards offer you cashback, and there are certain bonus categories like groceries, like gas, places where we’re spending our money,” Palmer explained.

Boyd said she’s very pleased with some of the cashback she gets get from her credit card.

You can also get extra deals using store apps or others like ibotta or Rakuten and add on to the cashback just by scanning in your receipt.

When you make purchases online from participating retailers, you actually earn additional cashback, and that’s on top of any cashback you’re getting from your credit card.

And, of course, don’t forget about coupons. Many stores will accept another company’s coupons.

You can also keep track of them digitally.

One more option for online shopping is browser extensions like honey or Capitol One Shopping, which can search promo codes and best deals for you on the internet. Want to know what something used to cost? You can look up the item’s price history using Google’s price tracking tool.

Over the last three months, we tracked several items, like milk, eggs, and cereal, and they have all gone up.

Know your prices before you shop, and look for those deals to save. A little more time can save you lots of cash.

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