Bill filed to make strawberry shortcake Florida’s state dessert

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Florida is known for its key lime pie. So, some are against a new bill being filed. Now, there is a push to make strawberry shortcake the state’s official dessert.

Key lime pie versus strawberry shortcake has some wondering if we really do have to choose. A state lawmaker says we don’t.

Key lime pie is Florida’s official pie. Now, there is a push to make strawberry shortcake our official dessert. Bess Charles owns a Lady Bakery in Cape Coral. “I mean, Keylime pie is a pie, after all. A strawberry shortcake is a cake. So, if we have a state cake and a state pie, why not have both?” said Charles.

Plant City’s State Representative Lawrence McClure is a man pushing for strawberry shortcake. His neck of the woods in Florida is known for its strawberries. And businesses in Southwest Florida, like 31 produce, rely on strawberries.

Paige Greenwell is the manager at 31 Produce. “Between here and Plant City, you don’t realize how many little places are with strawberry plants. Farms like us. It’s a huge draw. People love coming to pick them, so I think it’s a great idea,” Greenwell said.

Nationally, Florida is known for its oranges, but strawberries are also a huge seller. “I think we’re big produce industry in general, but yeah, I think strawberries are the ones that people don’t really think of first,” Greenwell said. “You can’t beat fresh Florida strawberries, especially when they have A little cold snap. It actually makes them sweeter. It’s delicious.”

Of course, many are still partial to key lime pie. So what will we have: a state pie, a state dessert, or both? The state will find out when lawmakers return to Tallahassee in January.

WINK News wants to hear from you. Should we have a state dessert as well? Or, is state pie enough?

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