A couple married for six decades shows us their secret to success

Reporter: Rachel Cox-Rosen Writer: Drew Hill
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Frada and Frank Weinberg
Frada and Frank Weinberg

A Southwest Florida couple has become the picture of a perfect marriage. They said “I do” 62 years ago and are still going strong this Valentine’s Day. These two even grew up together.

Frank and Frada Weinberg aren’t much for sappiness. In fact, Frada wasn’t even sure about this interview. “This is so silly!” said Frada.

But you can hear the couple’s love in their laughter, and you can see it when they walk hand in hand. And, once you find out they’ve been married for 62 years, you believe it.’

The love story began long before that when these two were just kids.

“I saw him on his bicycle,” Frada said. And what did she think when she first saw him? “Oh, what a nice head of hair he had,” she said, laughing.

WINK News reporter Rachel Cox-Rosen asked Frank, “Did you notice her when you were on the bike?”

“Oh, I noticed her, yes,” said Frank.

“He was crazy for me!” said Frada.

That first glimpse later turned into a decades-long love story. The Weinbergs say it hasn’t always been easy, but they found a way.

“We have the longest marriage. Yeah,” Frada.

“What do you attribute that to?” Cox-Rosen said.

“Stubbornness,” said Frada.

“Fortitude,” said Frank.

“There were days. He pulled 90% of the wagon. And there were days I pulled 90% of the wagon. And that’s how it worked out,” Frada said.

Stubbornness, fortitude, and laughter seem to be the keys. That’s what they say has not only kept them together but also happy.

“I sit, and I laugh with him. Over really stupid things,” said Frada.

“We have something we both laugh at every single day,” Frank said. “We really have a lot of laughs. We do a lot of yelling, too. But we do a lot of laughing.”

The couple spends lots of time together at the Naples Senior Center. They told WINK News their secret to their long marriage, other than laughter, is hard work.

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