3 brothers in Naples have started a business and donate a portion of profits to charity

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Pandemic lockdowns had us all going stir-crazy. That extra energy is one of the reasons behind a business created by three brothers.

They might be the youngest entrepreneurs in Naples. Andrew is 13, Marc is 11, and Nico is only 7. Together the Sanchez boys own Brothers Unleashed. “We wanted to find a way to help pet charities and make some money at the same time,” said Andrew.

The business is in Marc’s bedroom. He is hands-on and showed WINK News just how they create their product. “From here to here is the handle, and from here to here is the snap,” said Marc as he showed off the various pieces of the dog leashes that the brothers make.

The leashes are made from six pieces by three brothers and a little help from mom.

Their leash business is legit, and their dog Twix is the business’s mascot.

Twix the dog.

You can see Twix on business cards and their website and where you can order a single or double leash. “We knew it was kinda hard to untangle two dogs because you have two leashes because they all just like tangle up,” said Marc.

Nico is the talker of the three brothers in business and has a knack for making money. His technique, “Just do like normal salesman stuff,” said Nico.

Part of their profit is donated back to pet charities. Just last week, the boys were able to give the Humane Society of Naples a $300 check. “It really makes me feel like we are creating something and it’s helping and like getting somewhere,” said Andrew.

The boys have given back more than $1,500 to their community. They are saving the other part of their profit for college.

If you would like to buy one of their leashes or find out more about Brothers Unleashed, you can do so by clicking here.

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