Possible ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in Collier County

Anyone in Collier County with a prescription for medical marijuana will need to either get it filled by mail or drive to Lee County for their medication. Commissioner Rick Locastro told WINK News, the board is not behind the medical dispensaries coming to the county. Rather than discuss changing land codes to allow them, they […]

How tax season for Hurricane Ian victims could bring good news

To ensure Hurricane Ian victims claim their losses on their tax returns, there are some important steps you need to take before you file in 2023. For Hurricane Ian victims, tax season in 2023 could actually bring some much-needed good news. “As far as tax relief for hurricane Ian losses, taxpayers will be able to […]

Record-breaking travel year at RSW in 2022

Despite Hurricane Ian closing popular tourist spots, Southwest Florida is still a travel destination, and in fact, 2022 was a record-breaking year for RSW. Passenger numbers at RSW eclipsed 10,000,000 people at RSW in 2022. And travelers said it’s not surprising, given Southwest Florida is paradise. “After 2020, people are ready to travel again,” Donna […]

Shelter for Abused Women and Children’s Options Shoppe reopens in Naples

Finding a deal and supporting a good cause. After months of fixing damage from Hurricane Ian, the Options Shoppe is back open in Naples. The second-hand store on 2nd Avenue supports the Shelter for Abused Women and Children. Shoppers are invited back to catch up on shopping and see the renovations. All of the flooring […]

West Winterberry Bridge on Marco Island closed over risk of collapse

The West Winterberry Bridge on Marco Island is closed after being deemed too unsafe to be on. No vehicles, bikes, or pedestrian traffic may cross on it. The closure is to prevent something worse from happening. The City of Marco Island says the bridge could collapse, so the Florida Department of Transportation shut it down […]

Woman’s car burglarized in Marco Island Publix parking lot

An ordinary trip to the grocery store in Marco Island became a burglary on Tuesday, when three suspects worked together to distract a woman before stealing her wallet from her car. One of the suspects pointed out ketchup on the back of a woman’s car. And with her attention diverted, suddenly, her wallet was stolen. […]

Woman moves into Par 4 FEMA trailer in Collier County

More than 100 days after Hurricane Ian, people are still waiting to move into their temporary homes, but for one woman, that wait ended on Wednesday. WINK News first told you about the FEMA trailers that were delivered to the Par 4 Mobile Home Community in Collier County last month. Last week they were still […]

Lighting up FEMA trailers on Saturday in Collier County

A glimmer of hope Friday for people needing temporary homes after Hurricane Ian. WINK News told Southwest Florida the FEMA trailers were delivered to the Par 4 Mobile Home community in Collier County in Dec. But, WINK News later found out the mobile homes are still vacant because there is no power in the trailers. […]

FPL comments on confusion surrounding Par 4 FEMA trailers

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding who is responsible for the delay in getting people into the FEMA trailers in the Par 4 Mobile Home Community in Collier County. On Wednesday, WINK News reached out to Florida Power and Light to find out why they are still sitting in the dark weeks after […]