Questions remain after fiery Edison Bridge crash that injured 5 people

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fiery edison crash
Credit: FHP

WINK News is looking into the aftermath of a crash that sent one car into the river and set another on fire.

Now, investigators are looking into the details of what happened during this fiery crash early Sunday morning. They’re still working to figure out what exactly caused this crash.

Marks and damage from the crash remain, and it offers a play-by-play.

The driver of a Mercedes and the person driving a Lamborghini were both traveling at a  high rate of speed when they collided. The Mercedes then hit a tree and ended up in the river. The Lamborghini spun, hit a light pole, and burst into flames.

“Oh my God…” “What the f*** happened??” Right now, that is the million-dollar question. Two cars totaling close to million dollars crashed on the Edison Bridge.

Of course, you can’t put a price on someone’s life.

And it’s a miracle that everyone was able to get out. Crash investigators say in total, there were five people in the Mercedes and the Lamborghini.

Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Greg Bueno talks about just how much of a miracle this crash turned out to be. “Very much, very much. So when you first see the surface value, you just shake your head. You’re like no one should have walked away from that,” said Lt. Bueno.

Austin Gronczewski saw the whole thing unfold. “The cars just going by it just sounded like people yeah racing … but all of a sudden it just like hit it and it sounded like a pop,” Gronczewski said. “As soon as it happened, it already looked like the car was on fire. I came out here, and it was just up in flames.”

Bueno says he cannot confirm whether or not the drivers were racing, but he did reiterate that roadways aren’t racetracks. “Our roadways are for, you know, soccer moms taking their kids to soccer practice. Our roadways are for businesses transporting commerce,” Lt. Bueno said. “What our roadways are not … are racetracks.”

While the investigation into what happened along the Edison Bridge is far from complete, Bueno did say there would be charges. “Charges are pending, we take this very serious, and I would hope that everyone in the public does as well,” he said.

The driver of the Mercedes did sustain critical injuries in this crash. The driver of the Lambo had minor injuries and both cars’ passengers had serious injuries.

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