A food truck park could be in the works for Fort Myers

Reporter: Gail Levy
A food truck park could be coming to Fort Myers near the Fleamasters Fleamarket. (CREDIT: WINK News)

All of your favorite food trucks could be headed to one spot.

A new food truck park is in the works at Fort Myers.

The City of Fort Myers is working on an ordinance that could make it happen near Flea Masters off of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson hopes city council can finalize rules by early May so the city can become “food truck friendly.”

However, not everyone is a fan of putting food trucks near the flea market.

For nine years, John Hulslander has owned and operated Gator John’s Barbeque Food Truck.

“I don’t like being stationary, I like to move around, you see different people, different clientele,” he said.

So count him out of a plan to operate it his food truck at the Fleamasters Marketplace.

“Well, there’s permanent restaurants already in Fleamasters. It would be, in my opinion, it would dishonor them. I mean it’s totally wrong to go in and step on their toes,” Hulslander said.

Vietyum food truck owner AJ Bordelon said he won’t go either.

“You know, would this park cannibalize some of the business for the existing vendors as well? So you want to make those considerations,” Bordelon said.

But Axel Rios, who owns a food truck called Foodology said his methodology is to where the people are.

And on weekends, there are a lot of people at Fleamasters.

“It’s really, it’s about your food, right. So I mean, you wouldn’t be stepping on someone’s toes if say, they don’t do pizza, and I’m doing pizza, or they don’t do Asian and I’m doing Asian,” Rios said.

There are 14 food vendor stands at the flea market.

Anderson said he sees the food truck park a way to get more people to attend Fleamasters.

“People go out to the food trucks and say wow I didn’t realize the flea market was there, and let’s go in,” Anderson said. “Let’s shop.”

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