At Cypress Lake High School, students post signs to segregate water fountains

Reporter: Zach Oliveri
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Students at Cypress Lake High School posted racist signs over two water fountains.

At least one student at Cypress Lake High School in south Fort Myers will be disciplined after images circulated online showed a “Blacks” and “whites” sign over two separate water fountains.

The Lee County school district said it’s aware a student put up the makeshift signs.

A spokesperson for the school district told WINK News: “We do not and will not tolerate this kind of behavior in our schools. The students involved have been identified and will be disciplined to the fullest extent allowed in the Student Code of Conduct. We have also notified law enforcement should there need to be any further investigation.”

The signs got the attention of the Lee County NAACP. The group wants to meet with the principal of Cypress Lake High School.

Parents want to know how something like this could happen.

“We should not tolerate anything like that at all,” said Lyndsey Lewis, a parent of a student at the school.

Laura Jewell wants those students to realize what they did was wrong.

“I’m sure it was a prank. And if it wasn’t, I feel bad for the parents more than I do the child because I’m pretty positive they weren’t raised that way,” Jewell said.

Lee County NAACP President James Muwakkil said the act is an eye-opener that the nation still has a long way to go.

“You’re talking about children who will be our future. We want them to be better than us,” Muwakkil said.

Muwakkil wants a meeting with school administrators to propose ideas on how the school can respond to keep this from happening again.

“The school should be saying to everyone you’re not better than me because you’re white. I’m not less than you because I’m Black,” Muwakkil said. “We’re all in this together.”

The school district said they have not received a request for a meeting, but they would be happy to meet with the NAACP.

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