Couple whose home was destroyed in tornado surprised by family who rebuilt it

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January’s outbreak of twisters ripped through a couple’s home in Iona. The damage was so bad that the homeowners had to move states fearing they would never be able to rebuild. Thankfully, a helping hand stepped in to bring their home back to life.

Robert and Lois Norris never thought they’d come home again.

January 16 is a day they’ll never forget. That is when a tornado with 118 mile per hour winds destroyed their house and nearly everything in it.

“It was disintegrating fast when we left,” said Lois.

The couple left to go live with family in North Carolina.

That gave Larry Norris and his wife Renee time to rebuild his brother’s house.

“We were able to rebuild this thing from the floor up,” said Larry.

Rebuilding was no easy task but now the house is a home again.

“I love Robert and Lois, they are my family. We have been married over 30 years and it makes me so happy and feel blessed that we were able to do this for them,” said Renee.

“Everything’s brand new. Except me and you,” said Lois. “Larry said that he was going to fix it, going to you know repair it, but I didn’t know it was going to turn out like this.”

It’s not just walls that make it home, it’s the people inside and the memories that we’re saved.

The couple has been married for nearly 68 years. Not even a tornado could break that sacred bond.

Lois was outside taking their dog Buttons for a walk when the winds whipped over her head. “They couldn’t believe it, that I had survived being out there in it,” said Lois.

This family believes every day is a blessing and they’re counting every one.

“I think God was behind all of it, I give him credit,” said Lois.

Larry Norris said he still has a list to get through before he declares the repairs complete.

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