Amazon driver speaking out about suspension

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An Amazon driver stuck in his truck on Monday is speaking out after getting suspended when Cape Coral firefighters broke him out.

The driver, who wanted to remain nameless, said he’s been suspended for property damages when firefighters broke the window to get him out.

Damage to the window of the Amazon van by Cape Coral Firefighters. (CREDIT: special to WINK News)

The driver, who has asthma, went to the back of his truck to use the bathroom. He got stuck for more than an hour at the Cape Coral Nicholas retail center parking lot.

“I was in there for too long. It was hot, my breathing was not on point, I was dehydrating, I was sweating, my whole shirt was nothing but sweat, just water drenched I felt like I was hyperventilating inside,” the driver said.

The driver who makes deliveries for Amazon works for a third-party company called CKC Delivery Service. He said nobody trained him properly on how to get out of the back of the van. And he’s only been on the job for two months.

The driver had his work phone on him, so he tried to call Amazon support and then his parents. When he ran out of options, he finally dialed 911. Cape Coral firefighters worked for more than an hour to free him without damaging the van. Eventually, they broke the passenger side window to unlock the van.

Damage to the window of the Amazon van by Cape Coral Firefighters. (CREDIT: special to WINK News)

His employer’s reaction to the damage surprised the Amazon driver. “They didn’t ask if I was okay,” the driver said. “They were so quick. They’re like, ‘Oh, the Amazon van is busted. And property damage, you’re gonna be suspended.'” So now he’s waiting to get paid and hoping he’ll keep his job.

The driver’s mother was not happy about how everything played out.

“When it comes to life and property damage, my son’s life is more important than that van,” she said. If he is fired, his mother plans to contact a labor lawyer.

In the police report, the officer estimated damage to the van to be around $300. WINK News reached out to CKC Delivery Service but has not gotten a response yet.

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