Waiting for Harriet and M15’s eaglets to hatch

Reporter: Elizabeth Biro Writer: Paul Dolan

More than 1,000 viewers were watching Southwest Florida’s favorite bald eagles, M15 and Harriet, hoping to see a pip or a newborn eaglet.

People from across the country watched the live stream in North Fort Myers and some even wanted an in-person view of the eagles.

Tito Saunders is a wildlife photographer who comes by to see the soon-to-be parent eagles a lot.

Bald eagle, M15, resting on a tree. CREDIT: WINK News

“I come pretty often, almost every week. When I have time off from work, I call them you know, I drive a couple hours. I’m really in love with these eagles,” Saunders said.

With two eaglets ready to hatch, Saunders plans to be there photographing the special event.

Thanks to four different nonstop 24-hour cameras at Dick Pritchett Real Estate, anyone can watch it from anywhere.

“We’ve been watching the eagles on the cam in California for quite some time now. After we got over being mad at Harriet,” Louis Einstahr, a California viewer said.

The cameras have been up since 2006, starting with the original couple, Ozzie and Harriet.


Fans get caught up in what’s become eagle drama and speculation soaring around the birds.

“M15 has something to do with Ozzie’s death perhaps. And of course, nature being what nature is, Harriet and M15 got together and carried on. And now we have new little eagles so we all forgive them,” Einstahr said.

With two eaglets on the way, the family hopes to be there to welcome them to Southwest Florida.

Harriet and M15 have been watching over their eggs since early Dec.

American bald eagles patiently incubate eggs for approximately 35 days before they hatch, so the babies could hatch at any moment.

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