Naples Pier changes may happen after sending a survey to 10,000 people

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The historic Naples Pier, left in shambles after Hurricane Ian, wants to be brought back by the city, but with a couple of changes.

A survey was released showing what you want to see the most for anyone to fill out. WINK News got the results of that survey.

They got a lot of ideas, such as a set place to fish, watch the sunset, and even ways to see wildlife underwater. People are anxious and excited to see the pier return to its former glory regardless of the design.

Even though you can’t get on the Naples Pier, people can still find spots on the sand to unwind and enjoy the beach.

Nevertheless, the lingering question remains, what’s next for the pier?

“I cried when I saw it the first time. It’s just so crazy. Like remembering what it used to look like and seeing what it looks like now,” Cape Coral resident Shanoon Ocean said.

As part of a survey, the city asked over 10,000 people what they would like the pier to look like.

“It’s a wonderful piece of the history of this beach, and they should do all they can to keep it,” Dennis Jaggers, a seasonal visitor from Kentucky, said.

The top three things people wanted to see in the new design were underwater pier wildlife cameras, a designated fishing location, and a bump-out deck for additional seating.

“There was a lot of people swinging bait around as pedestrians were walking behind them,” Jaggers said.

“Somewhere for people to sit and hang and maybe that kind of being separate from where people fish off the pier. That’d be cool,” Ocean said.

Based on the survey, nearly 36% of respondents said the most important component of the pier is its unique design and historical value.

“It would add to that nostalgia,” Chad Wrisley, a visitor from Michigan said.

“Instead of people coming here and that sense of devastation and loss and remembering hurricane Ian. They would just remember what it used to be like before that,” Ocean said.

The survey also asked if events happened at the pier, what events would you want to happen? The top answer was live music.

The results from the survey will be shared during the community services advisory board meeting Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

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