FGCU Professor Bergerson gives final lecture after 55 years

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A man that dedicated nearly half a century to politics is finally calling it quits. FGCU professor Peter Bergerson has a long list of well-known students, including some current local lawmakers, and on Tuesday, he gave his final lecture.

“Well, he’s very kind. He’s never raised his voice. He’s never had to yell at any students,” FGCU sophomore Nicholas Rios said.

“As soon as I see he’s offering class, typically, I just take it I don’t care what the course is,” FGCU junior Laya Biji said.

Bergerson taught young minds the ins and outs of the United States political system for a long time.

“This has been my life, you know? 55 years. I started when I was 25,” Bergerson said.

But on Tuesday, he offered his last lecture.

“It’s really a mixed emotions. In some ways, I’m sad,” Bergerson said.

When you talk to his students it’s easy to see how much Professor Bergerson will be missed.

“And immediately, I just felt so comfortable with him. Like, it was just so welcoming,” Biji said.

For Biji, Bergerson is more than simply another faculty member.

“In a way he kind of like became like family to me, like, in a way, because I just feel so comfortable. And I would just take anything with him,” Biji said.

“I think of them as important as I do my own children, you know, and wishing for them the success that it knew any parent would want for their children,” Professor Bergerson said.

Coincidentally, on Professor Bergerson’s last day, President Biden announced he would run for re-election.

“And so the stages sat now for perhaps a rematch between the former President Trump and the President Biden. So at least as we look at the dynamics today, those are the two front runners,” Professor Bergerson said.

With Professor Bergerson leaving, there will be some big shoes to fill in the fall for FGCU.

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