Political expert analyzes Ron DeSantis confidential memo leaked

Reporter: Claire Galt Writer: Rachel Murphy
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Ron DeSantis released a confidential memo to donors and the message was leaked on NBC News.

Doris Cortese, the former vice chair of the Lee County Republican Party, said DeSantis is going to start talking to people he blames for his low poll numbers: the media.

“You don’t talk to the mainstream media, and now you’re blaming the media for why you’re not doing as well. You can’t have it both ways,” UCF Political Scientist Aubrey Jewett said.

DeSantis believes voters will pick him over Donald Trump, especially if the former president skips the debates.

“If they do the debate in August, that will be a big deciding factor,” Cortese said. “If Trump refuses to debate Desantis that’s disturbing to me. I think that’s a disservice to the American people. How do they have a good clear vision of who to vote for if they can’t listen to them together?”

The memo also acknowledges South Carolina Senator Tim Scott as a possible threat.

Politico reported this week that some wealthy donors watching DeSantis are now paying close attention to Scott.

Cortese doesn’t believe it, “I mean, it’s basically a DeSantis-Trump race.”

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