Bodycam video shows MDPD Director Freddy Ramirez being questioned by police

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Freddy Ramirez
Miami-Dade police Director Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez. Credit: CBS

Police body-worn camera video shows Tampa police officers handcuffing and questioning Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez less than two weeks ago.  

Officers found no reason to hold him. Later, Ramirez shot himself in the head. 

Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement and Florida Highway Patrol are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting and the events that led up to it.

TPD released the video to satisfy a public records requests.

The video shows at least nine Tampa officers meeting hotel security on the 12th floor of the JW Marriott in Tampa.

Ramirez and his wife were there for a law enforcement conference. The couple had an argument that led to an unknown witness contacting security, according to police records.

“They (saw) him put the gun in his mouth stating he wants to end it here,” a security guard said on the bodycam video released Wednesday.

The video showed officers waiting in a hallway for several minutes. They heard a man and woman arguing behind a closed doors, according to the police report.

“We’re gonna knock on the door and tell him to come out,” an officer said in the video released.

Once armed with a ballistics shield, officers approach single file with their hands on weapons.

“Tampa police,” officers yelled after knocking on the door.

Ramirez’s wife opened the door, walked out and told police her husband is still in the room, in the released footage. Police asked her about the report that her husband put a gun to his head and threatened to end his life.

Jody Ramirez said she and Freddy had an argument about “personal issues,” “stuff going on” and “knew how to push each other’s buttons,” according to the police report.

She also told officers Freddy Ramirez did not threaten his wife or himself, the police report said. However, Jody Ramirez told police two different things about Freddy’s use of his weapon, according to the police report.

“She (doesn’t) remember if he took it out,” an officer asked on the released bodycam video. “No,” a second officer responded on the same video. “She said initially I don’t remember and then she said no he did not,” a third officer said.

The same video showed police ordering Freddy Ramirez into the hallway away from his wife.

“Hands up,” officers shouted on the video. “What are you doing,” they asked Freddy Ramirez.

Once handcuffed, Ramirez answered questions for less than 10 minutes.

“You’re being detained right now,” an officer told Ramirez on the released video. “I didn’t do anything,” Ramirez responded. 

“You’re just being detained,” the officer said. “I’ll explain all the information.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Ramirez said.

Several times Ramirez told officers who he is and asks “are we good?”  The director of Miami-Dade police also denied that he threatened himself or anyone else.

“What happened outside between you and your wife,” an officer asked Ramirez in the released video.

“We were just talking,” Ramirez said. “That’s it. I didn’t touch her. You can ask her. I didn’t do anything, okay?”

“Okay,” the officer responded. “Did you possibly have a gun on you at the time?”

“I have a police gun,” Ramirez said. “Yes, I do.”

“Did anything happen with the gun,” the officer asked.

“No,” Ramirez replied. “No, sir. Not at all.”

A short time later, Tampa police let Ramirez go. They found no cause to hold him for mental health reasons under the Baker Act, according to the police report.

A Hillsborough County Sheriff Lieutenant had independent witnesses of what happened between Freddy and Jody Ramirez and wanted to use the Baker Act to hold Freddy, according to the police report. However, this information came to Tampa Police after Ramirez’s release.

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