Former Israeli intelligence agent living in SWFL has loved one injured on front lines

Writer: Paul Dolan
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The devastation seen over the last four days in Israel is felt everywhere. Immigrants from Israel are watching their homes, families and lives get torn to shreds.

WINK News spoke to a man born in Israel who was a veteran of the Israeli military.

He is desperately trying to get out of Israel. Another loved one who is in the army is now fighting for her life.

Noam Lotan lives in Fort Myers, but 50 years ago, he was in uniform fighting in the Yom Kippur War.

“They aimed to terrorize… and they sure did,” said Lotan.

Israeli intelligence agent
war zone. CREDIT: CBS NEWS

Lotan explained what was happening 50 years ago.

“Fifty years to the day, here we are in the same situation… except it’s not soldiers that are being brutalized. It’s women, children and babies,” said Lotan.

CBS News is reporting Hamas is beheading babies.

President Biden called the horror pure evil.

Lotan is a veteran of the Israeli military intelligence and special forces and was one of the people on the front lines of the Yom Kippur War, beginning on Oct. 6, 1973.

Israeli Intelligence agent
Noam Lotan, a former Israeli intelligence agent. CREDIT: NOAM LOTAN

“I lost several friends in this… in this war,” said Lotan.

Instead of fighting in the war, Lotan has to wait, as he has a loved one fighting for her life near the front lines.

“Ninteen years old, and she is a combat soldier. She was stationed very close to the Gaza Strip, and the Hamas people basically overwhelmed their base,” said Lotan, “and most of her friends were killed, but she fought back. She was hit in the head, and now they are in brain surgery… they are trying to save her eye.”

Lotan’s son is stuck in Tel Aviv, hoping to get out, but there are few, if any, flights in or out of Israel.

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